James Is Happy with David Pastor’s Work on His Trust

In addition to being an excellent lawyer, knowledgeable, responsible, one hundred percent dedicated to your case as if you were the only one, he is a superior human being, friendly, concerned, and considerate!

Diana Gives David Pastor an 11 out of 10!

David is everything you would want in an attorney. He handled our case (Trust/Probate/POA issues/Death of Trustees/Final Trust Execution) in a very professional and caring way. David made a long, complicated and stressful process very painless and sucessful for all parties involved.


Excellent Representation

David is very informative, knowledgeable and very courteous. He’s always explained everything thoroughly and was quick to respond to my phone calls every time I called him. I would definitely recommend him!

B.V. Is Grateful for David Pastor’s Excellent Defense Work

I was very upset and scared about the charges against me, but he had this wonderful way about him to set my mind at ease... I highly recommend David Pastor, with over 30 years of experience, should you ever need a Criminal Defense Attorney. You can feel confident that your case will be handled by one of the finest attorneys practicing law today, both professionally and personally, as every case and person is uniquely different. David will take the necessary steps and time to explain to you the entire court process. I was very upset and scared about the charges against me, but he had this wonderful way about him to set my mind at ease and I felt so comfortable and trusted that he would do his very best to represent me and he did just that! Throughout the entire process he kept in contact with me and always said to call him with any questions and that still continues to this day as I had to rely on his expertise for other issues that came up after the case was over, and he offered these services without any additional charges. He really cares about his clients and it is my opinion that my case would have turned out differently without his professional services. To this day I am grateful to have hired an outstanding attorney who helped me get through a difficult and stressful time in my life. You can feel confident with David Pastor as your attorney and I wish him continued success with his career and helping other people.

Praise from a Criminal Defense Client

David Pastor always keeps the client's interests in mind. Works hard to get his client a good result.
-Confidential Client

Thanks David Pastor

He actually listened to my circumstances and told me frankly what he thought. I highly recommend attorney David Pastor for DUI defense work. He negotiated a great deal for my rather complex multiple DUI situation. I don’t think any of the “big name”, heavily advertised attorneys could have gotten me the same deal. David could because of his many years of experience, not just with DUI cases, but with all the players in this area. He has formed relationships with the key people involved – the judges and prosecutors – which allowed him to negotiate the best possible outcome for me. David gives a free initial consultation, which I was a little skeptical of, thinking it might be just another salespitch, but at a greater expense to my time. It turned out he was a real straight-shooter. He didn’t try to scare me into hiring him with worst case scenarios, nor did he sugarcoat anything. He actually listened to my circumstances and told me frankly what he thought. His character really became evident, though, when he came to his fee. First, it was a good amount lower than the lawyers that heavily advertise. More importantly, he broke it down into two parts – one larger one to cover the court/legal side of the cases and another to cover the DMV’s “administrative per se” hearing – then proceeded to tell me that in my situation, it would be a waste of my money for him to cover the DMV hearing. Imagine! Incredible result, low cost, very accessible and straightforward – I really can’t recommend David highly enough.

-Matt, A DUI Client,


I was referred to David via another attorney for help navigating a sticky business liability issue with possible criminal ramifications. In moments, David made a cogent and thorough evaluation of the issue, summarized it and directed next steps. His encyclopedic knowledge of case law and its application is second to none. His insight was so valuable and I was so impressed with his deconstruction and resolution of the issue that I offered to compensate him above his rate. He declined. I have been in business for over 30 years, have house council and have retained many attorneys’ over the years. David Pastor was so impressive that I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of the best representation in the San Francisco Bay Area. 


When my husband’s mother died, we had an idea that she wasn’t paying her bills, but then found out it was for three years, including her taxes.  She also had not updated her trust in thirty years so everything was out of date or not included.  David Pastor took care of everything, including the inheritance of her house, which we wouldn’t have been able to sell as it was.  There were numerous creditors that he took care of, and completely lifted the burden off of us.  He also recommended an excellent CPA for all the back taxes.

 I couldn’t recommend him more highly; he took care of us in an unhappy situation.  (There is also parking!)

-D.K & A.K