Estate Administration Disputes

David Pastor has been working as a Contra Costa County estate and trust litigation attorney for 40 years. He is expert at getting to the heart of the case and moving it forward quickly with the goal of obtaining the best possible outcome.

When a loved one passes they may have a Will, a Trust or no documents at all. In any of these situations families may have disagreements on how the estate should be distributed.  There may be issues of inappropriate taking, the use of undue influence on the loved one before they passed away or outright fraud.

David Pastor works to resolve these issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. He can analyze the case and talk with the family.  Often they can resolve these disputes. However, sometimes this is not possible. When that happens the case may go to court for a judge to decide how to resolve the issue.

There may be a question about inappropriate conduct by a trustee or fiduciary. This may be for a variety of reasons including acting inappropriately, questions about inappropriately taking funds or lack of communication between the fiduciary and the family.

Sometimes there are conflicting documents that say that different people may get the same things. There are many considerations in determining the appropriate resolution of estate disputes. David Pastor’s extensive experience in helping families resolve their differences makes him an excellent choice to help you. He is sensitive, patient and does his best to understand each party’s issues.  He works collaboratively to find a path forward that involves the least expense to the families working to receive the best outcome available.  This may include mediating the dispute to allow all the families to come together with a professional to help guide the conversation.  Call David Pastor for a consultation.  He is always well prepared, honest and hard working.

A comprehensive estate plan avoids probate, reduces or entirely eliminates any estate taxes while benefiting spouses, children and your favorite charities. Be protected and have your loved ones covered through proper estate planning and administration. Don’t wait until the last minute. Our Walnut Creek Estate Planning attorney is ready to assist you with personal attention and care.