When an adult is no longer able to care for his or her financial affairs, health or other daily needs a conservatorship may be necessary. When a person seeks to appoint a conservator in California it is done in the probate court.

A Walnut Creek Conservatorship Attorney is Necessary

The laws and procedures in probate court are complex and conservatorship documents are best prepared by an attorney familiar with the local probate courts and the procedures they follow. If you are seeking or opposing a conservatorship in Contra Costa County we encourage you to contact the Law Offices of David B. Pastor. Our Walnut Creek conservatorship lawyer has been serving Contra Costa County since 1977. A conservatorship can be an intense and upsetting experience. Petitions in the probate court are often filed by a relative of an injured or sick parent either because of age or incapacity. Sometimes your loved one or friend needs help with their financial or personal matters or are subject to undue influence. In addition to experience in conservatorships, Mr. Pastor’s experience as a criminal defense attorney makes him uniquely qualified to deal with issues of Financial Elder Abuse.

A Walnut Creek Conservatorship Lawyer Can Help You

It is a difficult experience for children to see their parent in a state of dependence. We all want what is best for our injured or sick relative. Families often do not know where to turn in this time of need. We can provide assistance in advising you about California conservatorship and other alternatives, prepare and file all conservatorship legal documents, appear for you in court, when necessary argue and negotiate for you in court, refer you to other professionals you may need to manage the case, assist you with all aspects of managing an ongoing conservatorship and help with the conservatorship accounting.