What You Need to Know When You Consult a Walnut Creek Estate Planning Attorney

Dealing with an unexpected illness or sudden death and not knowing how your financial affairs will be handled can be disconcerting for the entire family. AWalnut Creek estate planning attorney can explain your legal options. Providing the estate attorney with information regarding your family history, assets and financial goals will enable him to create an estate plan that ensures your wishes are carried out.

Family Background Information

An estate planning attorney needs to know your full legal name, current and previous addresses, phone numbers, date of birth, national origin and occupation. If you are married, give the name of your spouse, the date of the marriage and state where the marriage ceremony took place. If your spouse is deceased or you are divorced, the attorney will ask details about those circumstances. You should also identify the names, addresses and birth dates of your children, grandchildren and the other individuals who will be recipients of your estate.

Inventory of Assets

You must let the estate planning attorney know about all of your assets so that they can be properly distributed to the appropriate people. List the real and personal property you own. Inform the attorney about bank accounts, retirement funds, life insurance, business interests and other sources of income.

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