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David Pastor is your conservatorship attorney in Walnut Creek, CA. He understands the law behind conservatorship and can make a difficult situation much easier on you and your family. Conservatorship is a court case where a judge appoints a responsible person or organization known as the conservator to care for another adult (conservatee) who cannot care for himself or herself any longer. This includes managing their finances.

What are the main types of conservatorships that your conservatorship attorney in Walnut Creek can help you with?

There are two main types of conservatorships in the state of California. As your conservatorship attorney in Walnut Creek David Pastor is well versed in each. They are general and limited probate conservatorships. Probate conservatorships are the most common type of conservatorship in California. There is another – the LPS conservatorship – that is undertaken by a government agency and deals with the seriously mentally ill.

A general conservatorship generally deals with adults who cannot take care of themselves or their finances. The conservatees are often elderly people. However, they can include young people who have been seriously impaired like in a car accident, for example. Limited conservatorships deal with adults with developmental disabilities who cannot fully take care of themselves or their finances. Conservatees have more leeway in this type of conservatorship.

Why do you need a conservatorship attorney in Walnut Creek?

Well, the truth is that the laws and procedures surrounding both limited and general conservatorship are complicated. They are best handled by a legal professional who knows the California legal system, someone with experience. That person is David Pastor. He is familiar with the local probate courts, and the procedures they follow. Whether you are seeking or opposing a conservatorship in Walnut Creek, David Pastor can help. Conservatorship can be an intense and upsetting experience. As your conservatorship attorney in Walnut Creek David Pastor can help you through conservatorship proceedings regardless of which side you are on.

Why are conservatorship petitions filed?

Usually, conservatorship petitions are filed because someone is no longer able to manage their own affairs any longer. Adult children of aging or sick parents often file the petitions. It’s not an easy decision to make especially if the conservatee is being influenced by other persons. David Pastor, your conservatorship attorney in Walnut Creek, has handled many cases of elder financial abuse and can help you make sure that this is not the case in your situation. If there is financial abuse, he can help you get your loved one the assistance they need. He realizes it’s not an easy road to go, but it is necessary.

How can your conservatorship attorney in Walnut Creek help you?

David Pastor has decades of experience in the field of conservatorship. His office can provide assistance in advising you about California conservatorship as well as other alternatives you can take. They can prepare and file all the appropriate conservatorship documents, appear for you in court, argue and negotiate in court should it become necessary, and refer you to the proper professionals to manage your case. In addition, they will assist you with all aspects of managing an ongoing conservatorship and even help with conservatorship accounting.

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