Understanding the Importance of Bail after Being Arrested

A Walnut Creek criminal attorney will explain the importance of bail to a client and provide assistance with getting it.

A Walnut Creek Criminal Lawyer Will Explain Why It Is Important to Receive Bail

From the outset of your case, the first thing your attorney will try to do is to get you released from custody. This is important for numerous reasons including being readily available to the lawyer to discuss the case. While in jail, there is little leverage to negotiate for a plea bargain. This is especially true if the offer that has been made is close to the time you've served while incarcerated.

Why Being Released on Bail Benefits a Defense

The following issues come up when a defendant has not been released on bail:

  1. The lawyer will have to travel back and forth to the jail and wait for the client to be brought in for a conference.
  2. There is a distinct absence of privacy at most jails.
  3. It can be difficult to go through all the evidence at a jail with audio, video and other forms of evidence.
  4. You might have to wait for your turn or for designated times to use the phone to talk to your lawyer.
  5. An informant might overhear what you say and use it to benefit his situation.

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