Evaluation of a DUI Case

After you retain a Walnut Creek DUI lawyer to handle your case, he or she will begin to evaluate your case. Here are a few things that he or she will consider.

Overview of the Attorney Evaluation

After you have your first interview with your Walnut Creek DUI lawyer, he or she will assess your case for whether a plea agreement is a viable option, or if you should proceed to trial. Additionally, your Walnut Creek DUI attorney will look at the strengths and weaknesses of your case, including the testimony that witnesses or experts may provide, defenses that you may be able to raise, and potential penalties that you are facing. Additionally, your attorney will also consider if there are any relevant statutes or case laws that may work in your favor or against it.

State's Case

Another important aspect of the evaluation that your Walnut Creek DUI lawyer will conduct is an assessment of the state's case. For example, your attorney may examine the state's evidence, which may include the results of field sobriety tests, witnesses for the state, and reports by police officers. Your attorney may also consider the beginning of the incident including whether or not police had a reasonable suspicion to stop you. Your demeanor after the stop may also be evaluated. For example, your attorney may examine whether your cooperation and compliance with officer instructions seems to be in conflict with BAC results. Your attorney can explain that the state must be able to show each element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

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