Cases Involving Blood or Urine

If your case involved evidence obtained by blood or urine samples, your Walnut Creek DUI attorney may explain the type of evidence that may play a part in your case. Here are some items that your Walnut Creek DUI lawyer may mention.  

A Split

Your Walnut Creek DUI attorney can explain that the split is the portion of your blood or urine sample.  


Your Walnut Creek DUI attorney may wish to inquire about the methodology used to analyze the specimen including reviewing any written instructions. Additionally, he or she may inquire into any tests that were conducted to help determine if there were other compounds that may have been mistaken as ethanol. The data regarding proficiency tests by independent organizations of the laboratory and analyst may also be assessed.  

Run List

The run list instructs your attorney about the samples and controls that were tested and in the order that they were tested. One run may consist of an analysis of 40 samples. Additionally, your attorney may try to find out what the results of the controls were in the run. 

Sample Information

In addition to learning about the result of your sample, your attorney will also want to review the chain of custody of your sample to determine if there are any disparities. He or she may want to follow up by acquiring the vial that your sample was taken in for separate analysis.  

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